Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School!

What a busy week.  Trying to finish up a couple of furniture projects between meetings and registration has been exhausting!  I officially have to start back to work tomorrow, so things are going to slow down a bit.  Just wanted to share the items we have just finished this week, and congradulate our latest customers on their purchases.

For Nguynnie...hope you enjoy your chair in your new classroom!  You will be missed!

 For Cindy - may your guest room be filled with fun (and new clothes!)

And Sandra - love your new bedroom decor!

Now, some pieces we made just for the sake of funky junk!

I LOVE this little table!  Thanks to some on-line inspiration, just wanted to see if I could...I can. This is all hand painted.  FAVORITE!!  Price: $85

If you saw the cedar chest/toy box, this is it's mate.  Cute twin size headboard - Price: $65

This chair was just too pretty to paint.  Cleaned it up, put on a new seat, beautiful detailing!  Price: $70

We also have 2 other pieces we are going to work on slowly but surely over the next couple of weeks (when we have time!)

This is a great computer desk.  Slide out keyboard desk, leaded glass cabinet, shelves, under cabinet storage...great piece!  Price: $120

And this gorgeous armoire/entertainment center.  I am so loving would go great in my house - too bad i don't have room for it!  Price: $150

Thanks for visiting FJF!

Friday, August 10, 2012

So much FUN!

Since we are just starting out, we are still trying to find out niche.  I've had a vision in my head...just wasn't sure.  NOW - I am having so much fun making my funky junk, I can't decide whether I am ready for school to start or not.  (I am ready to see my kiddos!)

Here is our new stuff:

I think I have a new favorite every time I finish a project.  This one might be it for a while.  This is a 1957 Lane cedar chest.  I would be great as a toy box, or a place to hold precious memories!  It is all hand painted.  Price: $150

Here is the Batman dresser to go with Elliot's desk.  I sure hope he likes it!

This funky little side table is just that...funky.  I love the colors and pattern.  Maybe you like it too?  Price: $45

Mom made this cute little wall shelf.  I put 2 pictures:  one of the top, and one of the underside.  We didn't have the right size hooks today, so those will bet added tomorrow.  Price: $35

I love this little book case!  The paisley patterned fabric is just so 'funky'!  Price: $45

This bench, made from old headboards, is not quite 'funky' yet.  I am waiting for inspiration as to what color to go with.  Any ideas?  As is price: $65   Custom painted:  depends on what you want!

Tomorrow's project - another toy box for the neighbors!  Cowboy colors or soccer theme?  We'll see.

Thanks for visiting FJF!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Oh My - we have been so busy working on new projects, I haven't had time to blog.  Mom and I went to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Ft. Worth to get some head is spinning!!  So many cute thing to be had.  Here are our newest items.
 Chad's school colors are blue and white.  He needed a 'teacher chair' and wanted a retro vibe.  This is what he got.  Blue arms and legs with white vinyl.  (Oscar liked it too!)

 I found this cute little white end table/night stand with this awesome pull on it.  We pulled the colors out of the handle and this is what we got...a beautiful coral and blue addition for your reading nook.  Price:   $40

This is an antique headboard.  We cut the legs off and added coat hooks.  I've got another one just like it in tangerine orange.  Price:  $50
 I love making 'teacher chairs'!  This one is for Ronna.  Almost wish I had made it for myself!  I do have several more like this...may be a project in my off time.  Need a new chair?  Price:  $50

My best friend Wende gave me this vanity because she didn't have room for it.  Haven't quite decided what to do with it yet.  Any ideas?  Price:  $70

This is by far my favorite item yet!!  I had an old coffee table and this decorative embellishment.  So, we cut the coffee table in half, attached the top to the bottom with heavy duty screws, added the topper, painted, L-brackets to attach to the wall, and now it is a two-tiered entry table.  LOVE!!!  Price:  $85
That's all I've got for now.  Thanks for visiting FJF!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not just for girls!!

This might be my new favorite!!  We will gladly make one for you...who is your favorite super hero?  Price: $100

Also completed Hannah & Hailey's bookcase to match their rooms...
We've got more!  Will custom match any color scheme - Price:  $50

I've had several requests for teacher chairs...Let me know what you want!

Thanks for visiting FJF!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cute stuff!!

So, I've finished a couple more projects...just wish i could keep them for myself!  I think these are 2 of my favorites!!

 I made this little chalk board table for Isabella's birthday.  From old end table to 'cute as can be fun' for a little girl.  I hope she enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed making it!  (Unless Dominic takes it over!)
I have several more small tables like this if you are interested.  Price:  $50

This awesome piece was an office chair with maroon burlap covering - UGH!!  Some paint and new colors  - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  I have many more chairs and would be happy to make one with colors just for you!  Price: $35-50 (depending on fabric choice)

More tomorrow...Thanks for visiting FJF!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Customized items anyone?

Close to finishing another project...maybe tomorrow.

We have had several requests for specific items/colors/themes.  I thought I would upload some pictures of some pieces we haven't started on yet - if you see one that catches your eye and you have a great idea, we would be happy to custom make it just for your needs.

We have many more, just haven't had the time to take the pictures yet.  I will get those up tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting FJF!